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Family Law & Divorce Attorney in New York, NY

Issues of family law require a delicate balance of empathy and assertion. Whether you’re going through a divorce or fighting a messy child custody battle, you deserve an attorney who can offer you both. At James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, we provide comprehensive services to clients in the New York metro. Contact us for guidance in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx.

I understand the difficulties you and your family may be facing as you navigate the legal system. My priority is ensuring your voice is heard and your loved ones are protected throughout this process.

James E. Iñiguez


Attorney at Law

As someone who grew up in a divorced household, Attorney James E. Iñiguez is able to personally connect with his family law clients. He understands the circumstances you may be facing, and he’ll use his decades of experience to help you seek a fair solution. When you need someone to fight for your best interests and those of your children, reach out to Attorney Iñiguez today.


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The Compassionate & Aggressive Advocacy Your Family Needs to Move Forward

Any legal problem involving your family is bound to be overwhelming. You’d do anything to protect the ones you love, so when a divorce or child support issue threatens their futures, you could benefit from the guidance of an attorney. Discover how ours is able to help you fight for the results you deserve.

At James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, our attorney has been representing New York families since 1996. He uses a unique combination of passion and understanding to navigate matters of child custody, domestic violence, and more. Attorney Iñiguez truly listens to his clients as they describe their stories, and he keeps their goals in mind as he aggressively litigates for them in court. When you need comprehensive legal counsel for your family, reach out to us. We are proud to represent clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Start pursuing the future you and your family deserve. Schedule a consultation with our attorney today.

As a couple, a divorce is often the most difficult decision you’ll make. Not only will it immediately affect your lives, but it will also impact your individual families and any children you have. It’s important that the outcome serves the best interests of everyone involved. A divorce attorney can help you work toward a smooth transition. 

If you need to work out a child custody agreement or assign child support during a divorce, we at James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, are here for you. Our attorney has over two decades of experience in family law, and he is prepared to walk you through the complex legal system. Attorney Iñiguez understands the uncertainty you may be feeling. He, too, comes from a divorced family and can empathize with the stress you’re likely under. When your family’s structure is shifting, work with an attorney who gets it. Contact our New York office today to set up a consultation. We serve families throughout the city, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.