Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart

James is a legend. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. My wife thanks him. My kids thank him. He litigated my case and crushed the other side. Thank you thank you thank you.

-Paul S.
Staten Island

Best Lawyer in NYC

James Iniguez is the best lawyer in NYC. I was facing a horrible never ending case that I had spent years and all my money trying to get closure. Each time he showed up at court was totally familiar with my case. Something I did not get from other lawyers after over a decade of court problems. James never promised anything, but I knew from the moment he came into the courtroom that he had a plan on the case. If you want the best lawyer in NYC I strongly recommend hiring James Iniguez. I am finally FREE!

-Andy D.

Calm & Well Prepared in the Courtroom

Mr. Iniguez represented me in a high profile highly contentious divorce and child custody case. His level of professionalism and direct manner make him very easy to work with and gave me the confidence that my case was being given the proper attention at all times. We had to endure a long, drama-filled custody trial but Mr. Iniguez’s courtroom demeanor could come straight from a movie script. He is calm and well prepared in the courtroom which eased a lot of my own fears. We won our case! I now have custody of my two daughters. I trust him completely.

-Melissa D.

Magnificent Cross Examination

His cross examination of my son’s father was magnificent.


Great Attorney

He’s Batman.


This Guy Knows What He's Doing

Atty Iniguez is a quintessential lawyer. He listens to your issues intently, processes it quickly and steps right into your shoes. In no time without mincing words he tells you what to do. This guy knows exactly what he’s doing.

-Jon S.

Obtained the Result My Family Needed

James Iniguez is extremely competent, thorough and efficient. He knew how to take the appropriate tone with the adversary, the judge, and me; certainly no easy task. He obtained the result that I and my children desperately needed. His rates were fair and his billing practices reasonable; he did not "churn" my matter. His staff is professional, attentive and efficient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend James to my family, friends and colleagues. I am grateful that I had him in my corner.

-Frank L.

He Was the Change I Needed

James Iniguez is my hero! Yes lawyer number #6 as he was referred to...after a 10 year divorce/custody battle with a bully of the worst kind I have found a sense of peace. In my first conversation with James he gave me the confidence and support I needed to do something different. He was the change I needed! James knows family court and family law, he also knows people and has the intuition to help you make the "right" decision even though those decisions may be the hardest! James is smart, responsive, kind, fair he is a wonderful lawyer and a gentlemen.

-Meg W.

An Expert in His Area

James is an excellent attorney, an expert in his area. I remember when he said “I’ll make sure you see your daughter again on your first court visit”, sure it happened. He is very smart and he will fight for you, always available and very professional. I suggest you to work with him, thank you.

-Jason M.

Not Once Has He Ever Let Me Down

James is an excellent attorney. Very professional and well versed in his field. Whenever I have a client that requires family law related issues such as divorce, custody, child support, etc., I send them his way. This has gone on for years, and not once has he ever let them (or me) down. I am proud to endorse this attorney and his firm.

-Robert M.

Exactly the Person You Want in Your Corner

James is a warrior. Exactly the person you want in your corner during an always difficult and sensitive marital or familial dispute. He's an expert but also practical, understanding in short order which battles to pick and which to pass. Highly recommended. He's done incredible work for clients I've sent him with some outstanding results.

-Aaron P.

Knows the System & Can Fight Effectively

James Iniguez is the only family lawyer I would recommend to people I care about. He will fight for you when no one else will, and he knows the system so he can do it effectively. He can do two important things at once: prioritize the best interest of your children and secure your finances. You can trust that he will do his job and cost you the least amount of money possible, other than some lawyers who will make as much money off of your problems as possible. You can also trust his judgement.

-Kristin C.

Great Communication & Reasonable Fees

I've used Mr. Iniguez for several different situations. His service is top notch. Great communication and reasonable fees. He will fight for his clients and produce excellent results.

-Ralph G.

Will Help Any Way He Can

James is a very dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer. He has a great demeanor and will help any way he can. Highly recommended!

-Matthew H.

He & His Team Deliver Every Time

Absolutely outstanding advice and service. Iniguez has been my attorney for over 20 years. He and his team have delivered every time. I highly recommend him.

-Frank P.

A Straightshooter Who Tells It Like It Is

James knows his stuff. He is hands down, one of the best trial lawyers I have had the pleasure of seeing in action. He is a straight shooter who tells it like it is.

-Jaimee N.

One of the Best Lawyers in All of NYC

Absolutely one of the best lawyers in all of NYC. No BS you get it straight and know what you need to know off the back.

-Roberto O.

A Real Gentleman

After decades of living in pain, and having other lawyers who just kept my case endlessly going year after year, James Iniguez finally resolved my case. He showed up at court after reading my emails, and I am sure he gets plenty of litigants who bother him all the time, but he actually read my emails I sent in the middle of the night........if you listen to him, and stay the course as hard as it may seem at times in the end he will help you quickly and efficiently without bs or deceit. He will give you the worst case scenario so you are realistically prepared for it but in the end he will likely get you the best case scenario if you case is worthy of hiring an attorney get James. Bottom line he will not milk your case while you suffer needlessly a real gentleman.

-Fred D.