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“James is legend. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. My wife thanks him. My kids thank him. He litigated my case and crushed the other side. Thank you thank you thank you. ”
— Paul S., Staten Island

“James Iniguez is the best lawyer in NYC. I was facing a horrible never ending case that I had spent years and all my money trying to get closure. Each time he showed up at court was totally familiar with my case. Something I did not get from other lawyers after over a decade of court problems. James never promised anything, but I knew from the moment he came into the courtroom that he had a plan on the case. If you want the best lawyer in NYC I strongly recommend hiring James Iniguez. I am finally FREE!.”
— Andy D., Manhattan

“Mr. Iniguez represented me in a high profile highly contentious divorce and child custody case. His level of professionalism and direct manner make him very easy to work with and gave me the confidence that my case was being given the proper attention at all times. We had to endure a long, drama-filled custody trial but Mr. Iniguez’ courtroom demeanor could come straight from a movie script. He is calm and well prepared in the courtroom which eased a lot of my own fears. We won our case! I now have custody of my two daughters. I trust him completely.”
— Melissa D., Westchester

“His cross examination of my son’s father was magnificent.”
— C.G.A., Manhattan

“He’s Batman.”
— Y.R., Astoria