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A Skilled Family Law Attorney Can Help You Through a Difficult Divorce

The end of a marriage is one of the most difficult and emotional times in a person’s life. So many things rise to the surface and will test you. For example, changes in living arrangements, custody of your children, hostility between you and your spouse, financial security and stability after divorce, and fair division of property.

James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, in New York City, can seek to alleviate those concerns. We are an experienced family law firm that will strive to help you get over these new hurdles, and successfully resolve matters. Our attorney, Mr. Iñiguez, has practiced law for more than 20 years. He’s understanding and empathetic and will fight for you. We serve those in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Many Issues Must Be Addressed in Divorce

When your marriage is no longer working, you will have questions and doubts. This is uncharted territory. With many uncertainties ahead, several decisions must be made. Mr. Iñiguez and our team have the knowledge and skills in addressing matters such as:

  • Child support and visitation

  • Child custody

  • Relocation and out-of-state custody issues

  • Spousal support

  • Division of assets

  • Responsibility for debt

Your marriage may have been rocky, or you and your spouse simply grew apart. Regardless, you need a skilled family law attorney who will advocate for you and secure what is rightfully yours. Mr. Iñiguez and our team will address the details of your case while seeking an effective outcome.

Call Now for An Effective, Skilled Attorney

Faced with a divorce, you need a skilled attorney who will negotiate and advocate on your behalf. You want to maintain financial stability along with custody and visitation of your children, James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, in New York City, is prepared to help. Aggressive, yet empathetic, we have the skills to help clients in the five boroughs of New York City as well as people in Westchester and Nassau counties. For a consultation, contact our team online or call us.