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Child Support Must Be Fair, and We Will Make Sure of That

Raising a child is a wonderful experience. Along the way, there are joys and bruises. And, don’t forget that it can be a costly experience. But most parents know this. The cost of raising a child represents one of your biggest lifetime expenses. If you have separated from your spouse or partner, you may find yourself at a crossroads financially. What can help? The answer: child support.

In New York, both parents have the financial responsibility for raising their children. But it’s not necessarily split evenly. Child support payments must be fair. The attorneys at the Manhattan-based law firm James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, are experienced in family law and know how important your children are to you. We will advocate for you.

Child Support Modifications, Enforcement

Your child now may live in two households, and the costs of raising him or her haven’t changed. But your household income has shrunk. This is where child support plays a role.

Modifications to child support agreements are common, too. These changes often occur when matters change in the lives of the former spouses or partners. The monthly monetary amount may increase or decrease in the following scenarios:

  • An increase in income: A significant pay hike by a former spouse or partner will allow the custodial parent to receive more money for child support.

  • A loss of income: When a parent may lose his or her job and is unable to make child support payments, a temporary decrease in payments is considered.

  • The remarriage of a parent: A remarriage may bring additional children in a blended family.

  • Changes in a child’s needs: Additional education expenses and higher health care costs can lead to a modification in child support payments.

And if your former spouse or partner fails in their responsibilities of paying child support, we will pursue an enforcement action against them. The judge had ordered them to pay their fair share of child support. If they are being neglectful, they will suffer the consequences with prompt legal action. They must follow the guidelines.

We Help Families, so Call Us

If you have money worries and have questions pertaining to family law and child support, we can help. The Manhattan-based law firm of James E. Iñiguez & Associates, PLLC, has more than 20 years of experience in helping families get fair child support settlements. Our clients live throughout New York City as well as Westchester and Nassau Counties. For a consultation, contact us or call our team.